This used Seamaster 33 is available in Thailand.

The boat has a top speed of around 50 knots with twin 200 hp outboards. A single 250 hp will give an economical speed of 35 knots. Additional horsepower engines will give a top speed of up to 80 knots.

Technical data:

Length : 10 M [33 ft] Width: 2.50 M
Weight : 2300-2900 kg Water tank: 150 Liters
Fuel tank : 500 liters Recommended engine power: 300-800 hp, one or two engines

Priced at only 850,000 Thai Baht [without engine/s]

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Factory :
Kilometer 5, Highway 332,
Sattahip 20180, Chonburi, Thailand.
Office :
104/138 Ektani New, Kilometer 3,
Sukhumvit Road, Sattahip 20180,
Chonburi, Thailand.